Author: Corporate Clarke

Fiction writer

Foreign House: Three

THURSDAY > Be me I text Lana: GOING TO A FAMILY FRIENDLY WORK RETREAT THIS WEEKEND. TAKING KANU. I’LL TAKE PICS. As soon as it has sent we head out of the apartment and into the cellular signal dead zone. In the basement carpark the crossover-hatchback-cum-SUV thing that I’ve hired for the weekend is waiting […]

Foreign House: Two

Thursday “Hi, Dad,” says, Maya coming into the apartment first. Kanu follows, with his mother, Lara. Before I can say anything, she unloads. “I… cannot… believe… you forgot. I thought you were doing me a favour…” she sees Cindy. “I’m Cindy.” She offers her hand and half-bows. Lara shakes it, gormless. Maya is watching wide […]

Foreign House: One

THURSDAY > BE ME> 42 yo black, male annon Cindy is strutting through my apartment like a pigeon. She is wearing a pair of my boxers – made from soulless elasto-something material. Filling them with planetary arse and equatorial hips. She’s topless, covering bon-bon tits with fingertips and pushing her elbows out into “wings”. Buttocks […]

What will that prove?

This story was written for NYC Midnight’s 100 word micro fiction challenge. The brief was… Genre: Suspense/Thriller Action: Answering a phone Word: Prove Words: 100 * “Video feed is live, sir.” I walk around the table to the laptop. World One Tower is visible from our office window. The screen shows me a crummy live […]

Crush: Chapter 1

“Regular mocha with whipped cream”. That sounds nice. I step forward to claim it. The person who paid for it steps forward too. But he stalls. I pick up the cup. We look at each other over the tops of our masks. He recognises me. “Oh, I ordered the same drink as well,” he says. […]


Another Reddit writing prompt. You discover an alien junkyard on mars, and slowly piece together what the civilization was like through examining its trash. r/WritingPrompts Perseverance The wormhole opens for a fraction of a second. Photons tumble through the space curtain, gasses do not, as is procedure with exploratory wormholes. A few seconds later the […]

A Retirement Job

Photo: Bruno Martins – Unsplash * This story was written for NYC Midnight’s Short Story Challenge round 1. The brief was as follows: Genre: Crime Caper Subject: Landscaping Character: A gemmologist Word limit: 2,500 Deadline: 8 days * Title: A Retirement Job. Synopsis: The heist was a success, but the gemmologist is dead, they can’t […]

Rusalka Part 1

Benji I don’t realise that I am in another microsleep until I come out of it and nearly commit suicide. My first instinct is to pull the car into the left hand lane where the oncoming traffic is travelling at a relative speed of 140 miles per hour. In a fraction of a second I […]


This story was written in response to a writing prompt on r/writingprompts. The writing prompt was: [SP] You are a retired superhero trying to dissuade a young child from trying to be like you. Rain Images of infernos light up the TV screen. The news ticker at the bottom of the screen tells you that it’s […]

Broken Stone

This story was written in response to a writing prompt on r/writingprompts. The writing prompt was: You’re bored at lunchtime during school. You pick up a rock and throw it, and instead of falling back to the ground, it keeps flying until you can’t see it anymore Broken Stone 5th January 2020 You push away […]