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Fiction writer


This is fiction and intended for entertainment only. On was clene bones & no wode & that is callid a bone fyre. A nothir is clene wode & no bones & that is callid a wode fyre fore people to sitte & to wake there by. —John Mirk, Liber Festivalis, 1486 And then it has […]

Date Night

Photo: Mich Haupt Halfway across the carpark and I remember the reusable bags in the car. Should probably get the bags. Should probably do the right thing. I get the bags. The climate apocalypse is delayed by a fraction of a fraction of a second – thanks to me.  A sign above the superstore’s automatic […]

North of the River

This was written in response to NYC Midnight’s Flash Fiction Challenge 2022. The brief was: Genre – science fiction Location – a river Object – a dossier. Word limit – 1,000. Time limit – 48 hours. Image: * “Got a location?” asks Luther, from the building perimeter, over the comms line. “We’re supposed to be radio silent,” I […]

The Comatose Queen

This was written in response to NYC Midnight’s Flash Fiction Challenge 2022. The brief was: Genre – fairy tale. Location – a riverboat. Object – a bell. Word limit – 1,000. Time limit – 48 hours. * The riverboat’s bell stopped ringing. Its hull finally frozen still. On the northern embankment of the Colossus River, […]

Funerals, Right?

This was a response to the following prompt on r/writing prompts. A protective therapist moonlights as a vigilante hunting those who have wronged their clients. Funerals, right? I kind of felt like I had to attend this one. Given my involvement with the bereaved. But I’m already questioning that decision. A therapist turning up to […]

House Anon: free sample

Buy House Anon. 1 >Be me >42 yo black male anon >Empath Cindy is strutting through my apartment like a pigeon. She is wearing a pair of my boxers – made from soulless elasto-something material. Filling them with planetary arse and equatorial hips. She’s topless, covering bon-bon tits with fingertips and pushing her elbows out […]

Crush: Chapter 1

“Regular mocha with whipped cream”. That sounds nice. I step forward to claim it. The person who paid for it steps forward too. But he stalls. I pick up the cup. We look at each other over the tops of our masks. He recognises me. “Oh, I ordered the same drink as well,” he says. […]

Rusalka Part 1

Benji I don’t realise that I am in another microsleep until I come out of it and nearly commit suicide. My first instinct is to pull the car into the left hand lane where the oncoming traffic is travelling at a relative speed of 140 miles per hour. In a fraction of a second I […]