Author: Corporate Clarke

Fiction writer

A Retirement Job

Photo: Bruno Martins – Unsplash * This story was written for NYC Midnight’s Short Story Challenge round 1. The brief was as follows: Genre: Crime Caper Subject: Landscaping Character: A gemmologist Word limit: 2,500 Deadline: 8 days * Title: A Retirement Job. Synopsis: The heist was a success, but the gemmologist is dead, they can’t […]

Rusalka Part 5

Benji When I wake-up my body feels sticky and my feet feel numb. I sit on the edge of the bed, surprised to find the floor dry and wait for the feeling to return through the dull cramp. I look around the room and it echoes vague memories. Far above me a tacky textured ceiling […]

Rusalka Part 4

Benji Most of the people here are as reserved as I want to be. It’s forcing me to do most of the talking. I’m finally vibing with a small group. Yana hasn’t come over to interrupt this one. I’m explaining our journey to three women and the man who let us in. The women are […]

Rusalka Part 3

Benji I’m annoyed, that I’m annoyed, that Daniel has landed us on our feet. This was the best outcome. But I’m annoyed. The guesthouse Yana has taken us to is a brick oasis. The room is at the top of the five floors. Unreachable old spiderwebs hang in the corners of the ceiling. The lamps […]

Rusalka Part 2

Benji Just put an albatross around my neck. Daniel thinks I didn’t hear him but I did. We’re lost. There should be no river on our right but there is. I can see it from the road now anyway. And what’s the solution? Go to some unpronounceable town because there might be a party. Great […]

Rusalka Part 1

Benji I don’t realise that I am in another microsleep until I come out of it and nearly commit suicide. My first instinct is to pull the car into the left hand lane where the oncoming traffic is travelling at a relative speed of 140 miles per hour. In a fraction of a second I […]


This story was written in response to a writing prompt on r/writingprompts. The writing prompt was: [SP] You are a retired superhero trying to dissuade a young child from trying to be like you. Rain Images of infernos light up the TV screen. The news ticker at the bottom of the screen tells you that it’s […]

Broken Stone

This story was written in response to a writing prompt on r/writingprompts. The writing prompt was: You’re bored at lunchtime during school. You pick up a rock and throw it, and instead of falling back to the ground, it keeps flying until you can’t see it anymore Broken Stone 5th January 2020 You push away […]

Stone Circle

This story was written in response to a writing prompt on r/writingprompts. The writing prompt was: When the Allen’s came, they swept our millitaries aside. What finally drove them away was the fact that their attack interfered with a secret war between countless cults across the world, cults who’s God’s were very real. Stone Circle […]

Office Move Day

Below is my submission for round 1 of NYC Midnight’s 100 word microfiction challenge The brief was: Genre: Comedy Subject: Moving a couch Word: Announce. Length: 100 words Time limit: 24 hours * Office Move Day  “Doc,” he shouts, from the consulting room, “where did you get this couch from?” “It’s an antique chaise lounge, […]