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Office Move Day

Below is my submission for round 1 of NYC Midnight’s 100 word microfiction challenge The brief was: Genre: Comedy Subject: Moving a couch Word: Announce. Length: 100 words Time limit: 24 hours * Office Move Day  “Doc,” he shouts, from the consulting room, “where did you get this couch from?” “It’s an antique chaise lounge, […]

Puff Piece

Picture is: Money, plate five from Intimacies by Félix Edouard Vallotton (public domain). Written for NYC Midnight’s short story challenge 2020 round 2. My brief was as follows: Genre: A drama Subject: An injury Character: A migrant Time limit: 3 days Word Count: 2,000 words * “I thought you were writing an article about how […]

Thirty-Six-Million Roubles 

  Picture is: Gwendolen Harleth at the roulette table(illustration to Daniel Deronda). Written for NYC Midnight’s short story challenge 2020. My brief was as follows: Genre: Fairy Tale Subject: Addiction Character: A train conductor Time limit: 8 days Word Count: 2,500 words Once upon a time there was a steam train that carried the richest gamblers and […]

Pagliacci the Clown

Picture: Portrait of Enrico Caruso as Canio in Pagliacci from a postcard published circa 1904 (public domain)   Written for NYC Midnight’s Microfiction Challenge 2019 – round 1. My brief was as follows: Genre: Comedy Action: Setting an alarm Word: Exotic Time limit: 1 day Word Count: 250 words * I set the timer on my phone […]


  Picture: Bonjour, Pierrot! by Ethel Wright (public domain).   Friday, 24th June, 2016 Your alarm goes off at 6.30am. When you roll over to switch off your iPhone you see dozens of unread messages on your phone. They read, “I can’t believe it”, “We’re fucked,” “I’m ashamed,” “I’m leaving,” “Getting my Irish passport,” and […]

Anchor Bay Tombs

Picture: The Fighting Temeraire, tugged to her last berth to be broken up – Joseph Mallord William Turner – 1838 (Public domain). Written for NYC Midnight’s flash fiction challenge 2019 round 2. My brief was as follows: Genre: Science Fiction Location: A protest Object: An anchor Time limit: 2 days Word Count: 1,000 words * […]


  Picture: The Casino at Monte Carlo by Jean Georges Beraud (public domain).   Chemin-de-fer Let me take you to the snicket where I had my first kiss, This was something that I had to show you, Drinking warm champagne, till you slur my name On a carousel hiding your shame.    Do you wonder if […]

The Novosibirsk Maldives

Picture: Fantasy by Witold Wojtkiewicz (public domain). Written for NYC Midnight’s flash fiction challenge 2019. My brief was as follows: Genre: Mystery Location: A basecamp Object: A donut Time limit: 2 days Word Count: 1,000 words * The Novosibirsk Maldives I put on my presenter’s voice and speak into the camera, “Welcome to another upload from the […]

Oblations – free eBook

Oblations: seven melancholy stories [opens as pdf] is a free ebook of seven of my favourite short stories, updated for this volume. It includes the previously unpublished, 48%. The ebook has been designed to look good on most medium and large screen mobile phones, tablets, eReaders, laptops and computers. For help loading the PDF document […]


Originally written for the National Association of Writers’ Groups, 100-word flash fiction competition. The story below was the winner. * “Tell us how you lost yours,” says Janet. “I bet you lost it really young,” says Alexa, she stops herself “I didn’t mean to say you’re a slut.” “You’re such a spastic, Alexa,” says Janet. […]