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What will that prove?

This story was written for NYC Midnight’s 100 word micro fiction challenge. The brief was… Genre: Suspense/Thriller Action: Answering a phone Word: Prove Words: 100 * “Video feed is live, sir.” I walk around the table to the laptop. World One Tower is visible from our office window. The screen shows me a crummy live […]

Crush: Chapter 6

The stage management team has been surprisingly creative. They’ve switched the set around. It no longer looks like a typical Saturday night talk show with separate areas for the band and the interviews. They’ve pulled everything into a more intimate set. Janet is sitting on a couch, I’m on a soft armchair at an angle […]

Crush: Chapter 5

Make-up is finished. I am doing last minute breathing and voice exercises. Trying to hype myself into a good mood for the broadcast. But I can’t stop picking up my phone and doom-scrolling. A serial killer was running above my head as I was commuting to work. Someone intentionally drove a truck into a line […]

Crush: Chapter 4

I’m reading The Sailor Who Fell From Grace With The Sea when make-up comes in to the room. “I’m sorry I’m late, it’s an absolute nightmare out there.” Make-up is a 50 something Asian woman. She’s attractive in an austere, sexless sort of way. If I hadn’t just been drained by Cathy, it is something […]

Crush: Chapter 3

After a couple of chapters of Yukio, Cathy opens the door slightly and slips through the narrow gap like a spy for no reason. “Oh, you’re reading it?” she asks. “It’s pretty good.” It’s fucking amazing. “I knew you’d love it. You know you need to wear a mask when you’re on set?” She moves […]

Crush: Chapter 2

I’m four hours early to the broadcast studio. Cathy is already signed in. I take a moment to read the names on the visitor sheet. All of the stage management team are already signed in. I didn’t realise that they arrived this early. I exchange a few words with the security receptionist. He looks vaguely […]

Crush: Chapter 1

“Regular mocha with whipped cream”. That sounds nice. I step forward to claim it. The person who paid for it steps forward too. But he stalls. I pick up the cup. We look at each other over the tops of our masks. He recognises me. “Oh, I ordered the same drink as well,” he says. […]


Another Reddit writing prompt. You discover an alien junkyard on mars, and slowly piece together what the civilization was like through examining its trash. r/WritingPrompts Perseverance The wormhole opens for a fraction of a second. Photons tumble through the space curtain, gasses do not, as is procedure with exploratory wormholes. A few seconds later the […]

A Retirement Job

Photo: Bruno Martins – Unsplash * This story was written for NYC Midnight’s Short Story Challenge round 1. The brief was as follows: Genre: Crime Caper Subject: Landscaping Character: A gemmologist Word limit: 2,500 Deadline: 8 days * Title: A Retirement Job. Synopsis: The heist was a success, but the gemmologist is dead, they can’t […]

Rusalka Part 5

Benji When I wake-up my body feels sticky and my feet feel numb. I sit on the edge of the bed, surprised to find the floor dry and wait for the feeling to return through the dull cramp. I look around the room and it echoes vague memories. Far above me a tacky textured ceiling […]