Interview on Red-Pilled Fiction Factory

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Richard Nichols very kindly interviewed me recently on his Red-Pilled Fiction Factory channel. We talk about my novella, House Anon and I discover I am terrible at looking at the camera.

We discuss:

– Why House Anon is the greatest novella of all time

– Can classical liberals actually have any impact on policy?

– Am I now on the same side as Russell Brand?

Greentext as a form of prayer and confession

– Channelling Caleb Caudell to describe a toaster

– The horror of corporate teambuilding

– Not actually being original, just copying The Shining

– Overlapping Anglicanism and the manosphere

– Trying to be half as honest as Delicious Tacos

– DIE in the workplace

Delighted to be in the same company as J.L. Mackey, R.J. Smith and others who’ve been on the show.


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