What will that prove?

This story was written for NYC Midnight’s 100 word micro fiction challenge.

The brief was…

Genre: Suspense/Thriller

Action: Answering a phone

Word: Prove

Words: 100


“Video feed is live, sir.”

I walk around the table to the laptop. World One Tower is visible from our office window. The screen shows me a crummy live feed of its basement. I recognise the scene.

“Is there a timer?” I ask over the audio feed.

“It’s a pager detonator. Activated by phone call. Total amateur hour. There’s a number saved in the device. We can send out a call from here.”

“What will that prove?”

“It will engage the line, preventing detonation. Calling it now.”

I pat my pockets for my phone. It’s across the desk. It vibrates.

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