The Casino at Monte Carlo by Jean Beraud - 1890

Picture: The Casino at Monte Carlo by Jean Georges Beraud (public domain).



Let me take you to the snicket where I had my first kiss,

This was something that I had to show you,

Drinking warm champagne, till you slur my name

On a carousel hiding your shame. 


Do you wonder if we would have found our common place, 

If we did we would have filled it with art, 

Burn our ties like the breakfast I threw back in your face, 

This is how a man breaks his own heart. 


Your style has always been to play for chemin-de-fer stakes, 

I’ll take it if you stick to the rules, 

Stealing your attention with the house’s dispensation

You can’t play as the house and stack the shoe. 


But I’m sure that heaven’s out there waiting for us both, 

It’s something this life must accord,

You’ll always be invited but I’ll end up being slighted, 

“You are not my friend, for the record”.  

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